Yeah, baby! Austin Powers series 1 from McFarlane Toys! (1999)  Series 1 actually featured characters from the second film as they were released at about the same time. There were 6 standard-sized figures - Austin Powers, Austin “Danger” Powers, Felicity Shagwell, Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Fat Bastard.  There were 9” versions of Austin, Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard as well as an 18” version of Mini Me.  Naturally there were some variation a more retail friendly version of Bastard was labeled as “Fat Man” and some of the phrases used in the little talky boxes were toned down. For instance Felicity Shagwell could either say “You’re a groovy boy.” -OR- “Care for a ride?” 

****EDIT - Oops! The 9” figures were actually part of series 2, my bad. 

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